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Online Catalogue    DPC300 Compact Fume Cupboard Controller
DPC300 Fume Cupboard Velocity Controller Ref: 70DF-K
The DPC300 has a built in Ultra Low Velocity Transmitter which can measure very low Air Velocities in Fume Cupboard. An aluminum front plate contains the operators controls. The ABS enclosure has a removable perspex lid as standard.

Select the type of LID required, the positive velocity range, Type of Front Plate, Power Supply, Control Mode, Control Output, Measurement Units on LCD and/ or Label, Decimal Places on Display, Sensor Type square rooted (velocity).

Price:  £450.00 [€720.00](Excluding: VAT at 17.5%)
DPC300 Fume Cupboard Velocity Controller

DPC300 Fume Cupboard Controller base order code is 70

Part No.

Negative Range

Positive Range Pa

Front Plate

Power Supply

Control Mode

Control Output
Measurement Units

Decimal Places

Sensor Type

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